Grandes Pagos de España Wine Seminar

May 8, 2018

The Grandes Pagos Of Spain association of Spanish wine producers hosts a private seminar for 40 guests showcasing unique Spanish wines at PLAZA DEL TORO. Since the year 2000, a group of single vineyard estate producers, each carefully crafting wines from their own grapes which had been cultivated in single vineyard plots from the central regions of Castile, agreed to band together to found Grandes Pagos de Castilla as a non-profit organization whose mission was to highlight the unique personality of wines made from the best vineyards and to promote the culture of single vineyard estates.

Aborigens Trip 2018_Square.jpg


OCTOBER 1-10, 2018

La Ruta PDX, Chef John Gorham, and Aborígens are happy to announce a new food exploration trip around the hidden corners of Catalan and Spanish cuisines. After a first successful tour of the North of the Peninsula Ibérica in 2017, this time they will head South to get immersed into rural Andalusia and the fishing coast of Cadis, where passionate artisans and their amazing products will be waiting.

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